So you got an interview, that's fantastic! Now what? How should you prepare? What should you expect?

Let’s dive in. First things first:

Make Sure Your Portfolio Is Up To Date

Make sure your most recent work is in your portfolio. Everyone should understand if you are under an NDA or a lot of your most recent things are WIP (work in progress). However, as designers, we want to see who you are as a…

No, we can’t read your mind. Please label your icons.

NNot labeling your icons is the same as assuming that we are all fluent in ancient hieroglyphics. Are you? Can you just walk up to Cleopatra's needle and read it like you could read a children's book? Even emojis, our modern hieroglyphics don't mean the same thing to each person…

In UX we tend to do a lot of workshops. The staple of any UX workshop are these tiny little pieces of colorful paper that have a sticky top to them; AKA Post-It Notes. And why is that? Well because Post-It Notes or, sticky notes are helpful little dudes!


Mary Formanek

Sr. Lead UX / UI Designer. UX Master Certified. Psychology nerd. Art Center College of Design Alum. Lead Director of UXPA Arizona. Tik Tok: @UXwithMary

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